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And the Earth Moved

Green seedling growing from the soilRecently I was gardening, digging around pulling the weeds out before I planted new things in my garden. That experience reminded me what a wise teacher nature truly is.

Everyone knows that for something to grow you must first plant a seed. In order for the seed to grow, the earth must move, and that’s the part no one really talks about.

Now in nature, I imagine the seed and the earth working together to allow the seed to grow deep roots down as it reaches up and out of the earth towards the light. There is no whining or complaining on anyone’s part. It’s all part of the process. When you think about it, the earth moving is actually a very loving gesture.

But when the earth moves for humans we tend to freak out, or at least this human does. Sometimes I’ve planted a seed of a new dream and things just opened up so beautifully that I didn’t even notice the earth yielding more space for my dream to grow. I am not talking about those times. I am talking about the ones that on the surface can be quite painful – a health crisis, a relationship breakup, or a job layoff to name just a few that can create the new space for dreams to be planted.

It’s painful and scary to go through certain life situations but I am learning that I don’t have the higher perspective of how all the pieces fit together, and often what I perceived as bad was really a blessing in disguise. It was really the earth moving (or call it the Universe or whatever you choose) to help make dreams come true.

Another way the earth moves is to jolt awake that buried seed of a dream within us. It’s being laid off from a job that you hated but were too afraid to leave and when you finally are honest with yourself, you acknowledge there is a dream within you that finally wants the chance to grow.

I would have never put my fine art out in the world, or written a cookbook for kids if the earth hadn’t moved for me with a health change or career flow changes. I would still be hiding my dreams buried deep within me. The one thing I am understanding more and more is that big dreams can’t grow in small places, and I do have big dreams. By staying small, I wasn’t allowing myself the opportunity to even consider a small dream let alone a big one.

The earth has moved quite a bit for me the past few years and that can feel very unsettling. I also know that my big dreams need big spaces and time to grow. I am going to trust they will grow as I lovingly tend the garden of my life.

When did the earth move for you that turned out to be a blessing in disguise? Please share your comments below, I’d love to hear about them.


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