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Looking for Magic and Miracles

lavatory signBefore I left for the airport last Friday, I read my email from TUT – A Note from the Universe for that day.

It read:
“You really don’t have to try so hard, Elaine.
That’s why there’s magic and miracles.

As a doer that can sometimes overdo, the message really spoke to me. I decided I was going to be very open to experiencing magic and miracles while traveling north to visit my family for the holiday weekend.

I got to the airport and boarded my plane. My seat was the last row and last seat, right next to the lavatory in a very small plane. Hmm, this could be a smelly flight given the aroma from the rest room was already apparent.

I told myself to focus on the miracles. It was a relatively short flight. I was flying for free courtesy of points from my generous brothers and their business. I was flying into Allentown which was the perfect airport for where I was going. And, since I was flying into ABE, no one had to waste a chunk of time driving back and forth to Philly or Newark to pick me up.

Yes, those all felt like miracles to me that I was very grateful for. I settled into my seat for the ride.

During the flight the usual parade of people came back to use the rest room.

Then a young girl about 8-years-old with strawberry blond hair and cute freckles on her face came back. She knocked on the door earnestly. I told her no one was in there. She didn’t know how to open the door so I showed her.

A short time later, the door opened and I heard a whisper, “I don’t know how to flush the toilet.”

I got out of my seat and stood in the doorway to help her. I pointed to the button with the word ‘flush’ on it and said, “push that button.”

She pushed it and the toilet started to flush. “Blue water!” she exclaimed.

I laughed. I showed her where the soap was and said, “get your soap first and I’ll press the water because it’s kinda tricky to get it to work right.”

She got her soap, washed her hands and exclaimed again as I pushed down the faucet handle to get the water to come out.

Lastly, I showed her where to get the paper towel and explained how to push in the metal door for the trash. “Whoa,” she said as she pushed it.

She returned to her seat two rows up and I returned to mine with the biggest smile on my face thinking about her reaction, “blue water!” I found my magic helping a young girl on my flight. Sometimes we forget how magical modern-day conveniences are, like a lavatory on a plane with blue water.

Thankfully, that young girl helped me remember magic is everywhere if we are open to it.



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