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Through the Storm – in Life and Art

Through the Storm_Elaine Callahan2I am writing this on a new laptop. The installation of my new front door has been rescheduled until tomorrow due to the weather. Both are courtesy of the brazen people that burglarized my house, kicking a hole through a door panel, and stealing my laptop, ipad, extra battery charger, all my good jewelry and most of my costume jewlery.

Thankfully I had a backup of my laptop and my computer guy, Adam, with Technical Phoenix, brought my data back to life on my new laptop.

I am still waiting to find out what my insurance is going to cover.

To say I was pissed off is an understatement. To say this comes at a most inconvenient time takes no deep explanation although in truth who schedules in a burglary?

In life, storms happen. And it’s how we move through them that will help us balance the polarity of our experience of it.

In the past, I would try and spiritual bypass some of the more intense emotions like anger or rage about a violation. This time I consciously chose to express it through this art called Through the Storm as a way of releasing it, instead of holding it in and causing me physical harm. And, express I did!

While working on this painting, the next day I went to a Sunday service at the Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta. A woman with an amazing voice sang a powerful song I had never heard of before called You’ll Never Walk Alone. I found myself sitting there crying as I listened to her sing and the powerful message of walking on through the storm and to not be afraid of the dark because at the end of the storm there’s a golden light.

I went home and found the song on iTunes, downloaded it and put it on repeat as I added the golden light into this painting, and a sense of peace returned to my heart.

It’s not that a storm doesn’t come in life, it’s about having the courage and the trust to keep going through a situation to the other side where the light is still there waiting, no matter how dark it may feel in the moment.

That light is also what caught the eye of a collector. We agreed that I would get it framed for him and FaceTime him the options.

While at the frame shop, Robin, the framer, asked me the name of the piece to put on the work order. I told her Through the Storm and shared with her how I was inspired by this song. Even the final selection of the frame was inspired by the golden light moving through the painting.

She began to recite all the words to the song because it was her eighth grade graduation song! I learned from her that the song was actually from the Broadway show, Carousel. It felt like a very synchronistic moment and a reminder there is always light after the storm passes.

Love and light,

  • Heidi Smith

    Dear Elaine – I am so sorry to hear about the burglary! I can only imagine the myriad of emotions flooding your senses. How wonderful, however, brave in fact, for you to get right into feeling the emotions as opposed to shelving them to take a look at “later”. The painting is beautiful, very strong and full of life and an indication that something has been broken open as I see it. The yellow in the center has something that holds a wonderful revelation I’m guessing. Way to spin it my friend; choosing to work with life instead of life working for you. Well done!

  • Elaine Callahan

    Thank you, Heidi! I love your insight on the yellow. 🙂

  • Lorikay Stone

    Oh Elaine-
    Having had the honor of both seeing you at SLCA but also hearing the song myself, I can’t tell you how beautifully this piece captures it. It also gives me a deeper insight into your experience. Your image is inspiring and full of joy and love, which says a lot about the beautiful being you are. To see and feel such beauty after such an intrusion. #gratitude

  • Elaine Callahan

    Thank you, Lorikay. Your message touched my heart. Much love.

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