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Through the Storm – in Life and Art

I am writing this on a new laptop. The installation of my new front door has been rescheduled until tomorrow due to the weather. Both are courtesy of the brazen people that burglarized my house, kicking a hole through a door panel, and stealing my laptop, ipad, extra battery charger, all my good jewelry and [...]

My Art Year in Review: The Gift of a Near-Death Experience

I recently read a blog post by Art Biz Coach Alyson Stanfield suggesting doing a review of your art for 2015. I laughed. Not because it’s not a good idea, it is, but because my list of new paintings for 2015 would be rather short and humble. You see, I took an unplanned detour in [...]

Looking for Magic and Miracles

Before I left for the airport last Friday, I read my email from TUT – A Note from the Universe for that day. It read: “You really don’t have to try so hard, Elaine. That’s why there’s magic and miracles. Remember?” As a doer that can sometimes overdo, the message really spoke to me. I [...]

And the Earth Moved

Recently I was gardening, digging around pulling the weeds out before I planted new things in my garden. That experience reminded me what a wise teacher nature truly is. Everyone knows that for something to grow you must first plant a seed. In order for the seed to grow, the earth must move, and that’s [...]

Introducing Fun Foodie Friends

I am over-the-moon delighted to share with you the project that I have been keeping undercover these past few months. Ready? Drum roll please. Introducing Fun Foodie Friends – a cookbook and art book – where fun is the first ingredient in helping you make friends with your fruits and vegetables. Each recipe has a [...]