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The Power of a Business Card – Revisited

Recently I have been thinking about how we inspire each other every day without even knowing about it. I wrote about this experience a couple years ago but wanted to revisit it and go deeper. Many years ago – around 1997 – I was beginning to paint more. Painting for me had been a very [...]

What’s News in My World

I’ve been busy working on a special project I’ve been working on for quite some time now. It’s still under wraps. But, I will share what it involves. Fun. Food. Kids. Creativity. And Food Head Fred. One of the Marvelous Moms on my advisory team said this about the project, “it was a really fun way [...]

Finding Courage of the Heart Through Art

Lately I’ve been working on a big art project. It’s a personal project that is near and dear to my heart – full of so much potential that I can’t wait to share it with you. For now, however, it remains offline as I develop it. While I’ve spent countless hours on it, there’s so [...]

A Lesson Learned from A Leaf

“Don’t push the river; it flows by itself.”   There is a park near my house I like to walk in. It has a stream in it, and when I need to feel connected to water, I go sit on “my rock” in the middle of the stream. Lately, I’ve been going there more often. [...]

Weeding the Garden of My Mind

I have a flower garden by the edge of the road. It’s the only truly sunny spot in my yard. While beautiful flowers do grow there, over time I got so busy with work, art and life, I let it go a bit. By Spring, grass had started to creep into the garden, threatening to [...]