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Meet Elaine

Elaine Callahan was so eager to start experiencing life, she was almost born in the hospital elevator on a cold winter night in upstate New York.

Enthusiasm for life and a passion for art have always been a part of Elaine’s life. As a toddler, she was always borrowing crayons from one of her six siblings to draw her childhood masterpieces. She took art lessons as a teen, and credits that experience with introducing her to the world of painting. She switched from oils to watercolors when she grew tired of waiting for the oil paint to dry.

Elaine spent time in Amish country while earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Although she got her degree, she never did get a ride in an Amish buggy.

Warmer weather and Southern hospitality beckoned Elaine to Atlanta where she opened her own graphic design studio, Callahan Design.*

Her focus on fruits and vegetables coincided with Elaine being diagnosed with celiac (gluten intolerance) in February 2007. She truly understands the saying “you are what you eat,” and appreciates that food is not only beautiful, but that the right food has an amazing power to heal, as well as connect us all. Today she is healthy and vibrant, living a gluten free life.

Elaine is a signature member of  the Georgia Watercolor Society, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society and the Southern Watercolor Society.

* Callahan Design has evolved into True You Brand Alchemy where Elaine helps visionary people create branding that matches who they truly are.

She is the creator of Fun Foodie Friends, a cookbook and product line where fun is the first ingredient in helping kids make friends with your fruits and vegetables.

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